Rewards Point Program

Redeem Your Reward Points:

At any time, you can click here to see and redeem the Rewards Points you have earned (you must be logged in to your account to see your points).

How to join our Rewards Point Program:

When you place an order or set up an account on our website, you will automatically be enrolled in our Rewards Point Program!

How you earn points:

- 1 point per $1.00 spent
- 10 points when you like us on Facebook
- 10 points when you follow us on Twitter
- 10 points when you follow us on Instagram
- 50 points when you refer a friend and they make a purchase
- 50 points on your Birthday (if you provide your birthdate)
- 100 points when you create an account on our website
- Look out for additional Special Deals/Contests we may run from time to time

What points are worth:

For every 50 points you accumulate, you earn $2.50 (or 5%) to apply to future product purchases. Points earned will automatically accumulate in your account, and you can use them whenever you want. Rewards must be used within 365 days of being earned. 

How the Rewards Points system works:

Our Rewards Point Program works like a tiered ladder, where you "unlock" each tier as you climb higher. Each ladder rung is worth an extra $2.50. Every time you earn 50 points you climb "up" the ladder to the next ladder rung "unlocking" that reward level. Every time you use $2.50 towards product purchases 50 points are deducted from your account points total and you climb "down" the ladder (and the highest ladder rung(s) "lock" back up until you earn more points).

When you look at your Reward Points "ladder," each tier shows your cumulative total of points and cumulative total dollar credits you've earned. It looks like this:

- 50 points, $2.50 off product
- 100 points, $5.00 off off product
- 150 points, $7.50 off off product
- 200 points, $10.00 off off product
- 250 points, $12.50 off off product
- 300 points, $15.00 off product
- 350 points, $17.50 off product
- 400 points, $20.00 off product

How to redeem your points:

When you make a purchase on our website and you are on the Checkout page, there is a place on the right side of the page to enter a "Discount" Code. Before clicking "Complete Order," you must first go to your Rewards page, get your Discount Code, and copy/paste or manually enter the Discount Code into the "Discount" Code box.

To get your Discount Code. When you go to your Rewards page you must choose the total dollar amount you want to apply to this purchase by going to that specific rewards tier and clicking the red "Redeem" button. This will activate a unique Discount Code that you MUST ENTER in the "Discount" Code area of the Checkout page -- again, you can copy/paste the Code or manually enter it.

IMPORTANT: Since you can enter ONLY ONE code for each purchase transaction, make sure to click ONLY the "Redeem" button of the tier for the total dollar amount you want to apply for that specific purchase. You can pick from any of the tiers that have been "unlocked" and show the red "Redeem" button. Be careful not to choose a redemption dollar amount that is greater than the cost of your product purchase because you will use up all Reward Points associated with that Reward Points tier.

To access your current Rewards Points, please click here (you must be logged in to your account to see your Rewards).

If you are you confused, these examples may help:

Here are a couple of examples of how you can use your rewards:

Let's assume you have earned 400 points and could use/access any of the reward tiers shown above. Further, let's assume you want to purchase 50 pounds of dry pasta as gifts for the holidays (total product value of $400). You decide to redeem all 400 points at once to get $20.00 off your purchase. Your total rewards point balance is now 0 and you would need to earn more points to climb back up the ladder to unlock new rewards.

Let's assume you have earned 400 points and could use/access any of the reward tiers shown above. Further, let's assume you want to purchase only 1 pound of dry pasta to restock your pantry with your favorite pasta, Garlic Chive Pappardelle (total product value $8). You decide to redeem 150 points to get $7.50 off your purchase. After using the reward, your total rewards point balance is now 250, so you have moved down the ladder, and only the 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 reward point tiers remain "unlocked" and available for use the next time you make a purchase. The 300, 350 and 400 reward point tiers are now "locked" since your total point balance decreased by 150 points when you made your purchase.

No points are earned on dollars spent on:

- Taxes
- Shipping charges
- Gift Card purchase
- Any discounted orders

Questions: Please contact us if you have any questions about our Rewards Point Program.

Terms of Use: Please click here for details of our Rewards Point Program, including terms, conditions, and limitations.